In helping shape the next generation of business leaders, Q3C focuses on developing and honing critical skills through its challenging events and fast-paced rounds of competitions.

What Is q3c?

As a well-established case competition in the Canadian University community, Q3C continues to differentiate itself with its unique approach to delivering cases. In addition to incorporating the regular aspects of a rigorous case competition, Q3C cases mimic the dynamicity of real-world business issues – Q3C regularly implements case “twists” to challenge students to think outside the box and identify top talent for sponsors.

Original Cases

Intensive three-day competition with unique cases designed in partnership with real businesses to simulate current problems facing these companies.

Dynamic Twists

Famous case round twists encouraging students to think outside of the box while mirroring ever-changing real world dynamics.

Talented Competitors

Passionate, driven, and high-achieving students interested in solving business problems who are pre-screened on a basis of an individual resume and a Q3C specific application.

Multi-Disciplinary Case Competition

The Queen’s Commerce Corporate Competition is a multi-disciplinary case competition, meaning that Q3C’s cases require a wide breadth of business knowledge stemming from a myriad of fields to successfully complete. In accordance with this, Q3C cases are written to test teams on both their hard and soft skills; teams must apply both their analytical and communicative abilities in order to finish cases on time and with meaning.


Q3C remains unprecedented in its boldness, innovation, and unpredictability through pairing our famous case round twists with a realistic business world simulation