The Queen’s Commerce Corporate Competition is one of the most extensive case competitions in Canada. Our dynamic competition aims to foster relationships between our talented competitors and valued partners.

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Partnership Package


Connect with Talented Competitors

  • Establish unique touchpoints with high-achieving competitors through a 3:1 ratio between company representatives and competitors

  • Discover second and third year leaders interested in analyzing business strategy

  • Influence the next generation of business leaders through intimate networking sessions and feedback panels

Communicate your Brand

  • Create lasting impressions on top talent by showcasing your firm’s goals, values, and accomplishments

  • Advise competitors throughout case rounds as a judge and industry expert

  • Build engagement with competitors and other influential individuals to grow your firm’s audience

Challenge Future Leaders

  • Spark change in the way that competitors approach and analyze business problems

  • Interact with high-calibre students as they compete in real-world case simulations• Foster talent as students grow and develop over the course of multiple cases

PAST Partners

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